Liv Havander

Sweater weather

What I wore going out last Friday.


 Quite idealistic really to wear an oversized hoodie when it's raining outside. Still you want to look Friday-fab;)) so spice it up with your favorite lipstick and a smokey eye.

Sittin' on the dock of a bay

At the moment, enjoying the incredible views of Stockholm. I have just been at a job interview, applying for a position as a tutor, at Studdybuddy's office. 

Cropped legs (Mondayzz)

Having a casual Monday-photosesh at Stockholm's University, this morning. I study English Literature atm (and will be doing Academic Writing next term) and it's liiiit. Also, I swopped my wardrobe into Fall today, which you can hint looking at the majority of colors that I wear.


Earlier today when I was on my way to Jarlaplan, to practice for the musical coming up this January!!

Made in America

Wearing my dad's old jacket from when he was young, living in the US and playing American football.

It says 'Patrik' on the front and 'Made in America' inside.